Importance Of Wearing Perfectly Fit Face Shield Safety Equipment In The Industry

There are many types of manufacturing companies in the industry. Most of them are producing products that involve chemicals and other elements that releases toxins. To be able to prevent workers from getting harmed, health organizations made rules and policies regarding health hazards that companies need to follow. This includes wearing of safety equipment like goggles, face shields, gloves, laboratory coats, respirators, etc. But what if this safety equipment isn’t fitted to wear by an individual worker? Do you think it will be safe and effective?

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Why do we need to wear a fitted face shield equipment?

The most important part of the body that needs protecting is the head specially the facial part where sensory organs are usually located. Companies especially those that are producing products with toxic chemicals or in construction are required to provide protection for their employees during production. Unfitted safety equipment can’t protect the wearer no matter how good or expensive they are. It needs to fit the wearer’s face to be effective. In order to maximize protection against harmful airborne substances, a face fit test is one of the most commonly used method conducted by companies. As people come in all sorts of shapes and sizes one size for all will not fit everyone. A face fit test lets you check whether the person’s mask perfectly fits the face size and shape.

For the face shield equipment to be effective a good seal is very important. If there are unnecessary gaps between your face and the face shield, unclean air will pass through into your lungs. That is why a checking if it’s a good fit or not is essential. 

What is face fit testing and how often do we need to do it?

A face fit test is a simple 20-minute test. There are companies that specializes in fit face testing and face fit testing by PPS Asbestos is one of them. Employers are assured that companies like them can guarantee correct sizes and models to be procured. Repeat the face fit testing must be done on a regular basis to ensure that the safety facial equipment still fits the wearer. People tend to change overtime physically like when gaining or losing weight, facial scars and moles, dental works, facial beards and other factors that can highly affect the gap between the face and the equipment.